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Army Cadet Syllabus

The Army Cadet Syllabus will provide you with multiple skills

The Army Cadet Syllabus plays a vital role in the Cadet Experience, which strives to prepare our youth for success that lasts a lifetime. The following principles apply to all cadet training, ensuring that the Cadet Experience is maximised regardless of the training location.

The cadet syllabus is designed to be progressive so that cadets can build upon the foundation of previous star levels and advance steadily through their time in the Army Cadets, which could last up to six years. Additionally, the syllabus offers an elective element, giving cadets the freedom to choose the path that best suits their interests.

All training provided to cadets must align with the Cadet Charter (ACF or CCF) and be pertinent to their needs. Although the relevance of certain lessons may not be immediately apparent, they can still provide valuable experiences to cadets. For example, the reason cadets learn a section attack is not to prepare for an actual attack, but rather to develop teamwork, communication, leadership, and physical fitness skills.

The syllabus is designed for progression in the timeline shown below; this timeline is approximate, and no rigid timescales are to be imposed on a cadet:

  • Basic Training. 3 months.
  • 1-Star. A further 9 months.
  • 2-Star. A further 12 months.
  • 3-Star. A further 18 months.
  • 4-Star. A further 6 months.

To earn each Star, a specific number of modules must be completed and recorded on our Data Management System (Westminster). The completed Star grade will only be awarded once the required number of modules have been achieved, and the cadet will then receive a badge. The following sections provide more detail on these modules.