Training & Qualifications

Make use of your skills and develop your potential

As an adult volunteer in the Army Cadet Force you will have the opportunity to learn about, take part in and organise an enormous range of activities. For information on joining the ACF fill out our online enquiry form.

During their time in the ACF, cadets work toward the Army Cadet Syllabus 21 (ACS21) which has five progressive levels of difficulty and covers a broad range of topics from personal standards and team tactics, to map reading and community work, fieldcraft and weapons handling. As an adult volunteer you will be helping guide cadets through the syllabus to the best of each individual’s abilities. If that sounds daunting, don’t panic! You will be part of a team of people who all have different gifts, skills, qualifications and experience.

When you apply to join you will be asked to attend a Familiarisation (FAM) weekend with other new, potential volunteers. If you pass you will be appointed as a Probationary Instructor (PI) and will be able to start taking an active role in your detachment.

Following the FAM you will start a progressive training programme - the Adult Induction Training Package - to learn how to train cadets. The package has five parts comprising three induction courses: basic, intermediate and advanced, plus two short course in First Aid and basic shooting and coaching. Most people complete the Package within their first 18-24 months of service but your progress will depend on your abilities and the time available. During your training you'll be working alongside other new volunteers so while you are picking up new skills you'll be getting plenty of support from your fellow volunteers as well as your tutors.

Having completed the Package you might want to develop your leadership and management skills, with a view to becoming an officer. You might also want to undergo additional training in specialist areas. Training in the ACF is either free or heavily subsidised and many of our adult volunteer activities and training courses lead to nationally recognised qualifications of real value in your life outside cadets.