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Unforgettable experiences and life-changing challenges where you will learn as much about yourself as you do others

Expeditions are a central part of Army Cadet life, so you could find yourself spending a few nights camping in a national park here in the UK or on an ambitious trek through the Himalayas. Every year many expeditions are planned at detachment, county and national levels. You’ll start off with some training on how to prepare clothing and equipment. You’ll learn how to safely carry a load and identify a suitable route as well as what makes an ideal camp site. In addition you will be taught how to pitch a tent and cook a meal on a camping stove. Your first expedition will probably be close to home, but as you progress through the syllabus you’ll venture further afield, and possibly even overseas. Some recent cadet expeditions have taken place in locations as diverse as the Himalayas, Bavaria, Peru and Kenya, and have often been combined with local community project.

Your first expedition will be on foot, but after that there may be options to undertake your expeditions on bikes, horseback or on water.

All the expeditions you do with the Army Cadets will also count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which give your CV a huge boost and result in friendships that will last for life.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, rest assured that there will have been months of preparation to ensure everyone involved is kept safe and well, and can enjoy a fun and challenging expedition experience.”


Expeditions are, for me, one of the greatest learning environments available to young people. From planning and preparing through to the action-packed delivery phase, they take cadets on a journey which sees them push through – both physically and mentally – perceived boundaries. It helps them become more confident, resilient and have a much wider view of the world and, as a result, embrace the spirit of adventure wherever they go.

Jordan Wylie - Army Cadets Ambassador