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Adventurous Training (AT)

Adventurous Training (AT) and expeditionary activities are an integral part of the Army Cadets experience

These activities influence our cadets’ and CFAVs’ personal development and inspire them to achieve their full potential. They provide an opportunity to engage in arduous and challenging activities that significantly enhance our cadets’ and CFAVs’ ability to identify and manage risk and they develop teamwork, leadership and moral courage.

Our cadets and CFAVs have the opportunity to participate in progressive, stimulating and safely managed AT and expeditions throughout their Army Cadet career. Detachment, County and National Level outdoor adventurous activities can account for up to 40% of a cadet’s training and provide an exciting alternative outdoor learning environment.

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I had the best time while skiing with the Army Cadets. I wouldn't of had the chance to do something like this if I wasn't in the Army Cadets

Through our national Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT), based within or in striking distance of the Snowdonia, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, we are able to offer our cadets and CFAVs a complete range of nationally recognised novice, intermediate and advanced skills-based courses. These include instructor/leader awards in the disciplines of mountaineering, including climbing, paddlesports, caving and mountain biking. With our partner centre located in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, we are able to deliver a range of summer alpine activities including Via Ferrata, trekking and rafting, and skiing during the winter months. We also offer national governing body sub aqua, sailing, gliding and parachuting awards and qualifications in conjunction with our UK and overseas based assured commercial partners.

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Involvement in Army Cadet AT and expeditions is not just about the skills you gain or the personal development, but also about the journey that you take and the like-minded people you meet along the way. Developing lifelong friendships whilst exploring some of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring destinations, immersing yourself in the culture and learning about the environment are just some of the additional benefits participation provides.

During the Summer holidays it not unusual to see our Cadets and CFAVs mountaineering in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands or the French Alps and even as far afield as the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. Canoeing on some of the UK’s finest waterways, around the thousands of islands that surround the southern coast of Norway and Sweden or even journeying down the great rivers of Canada following in the footsteps of the early pioneers are unique opportunities that Army Cadet Adventurous Training facilitates.


Winter is all about the snow and the ice, which means skiing, winter mountaineering and ice climbing. Many of our counties and regions organise annual skiing expeditions to locations across mainland Europe, Scandinavia and North America. Some of our more adventurous units even plan and deliver winter mountaineering and ice climbing expeditions to the frozen heart of Norway or Canada’s Rocky Mountains.