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Drill and Turnout

Drill and Turnout will teach you how to care for your uniform and look smart on parade

You will learn how to march and be part of a team. This important subject allows you to gain a better understanding of how you fit in and operate as part of a team. It is also excellent for teaching self-discipline and for developing a sense of pride.

Drill is the term used to describe a formal parade where you are able to move quickly in formation from one place to another. This may sound easy but when there is more than one person, marching, turning and saluting at the same time can be pretty difficult to master.

You will learn how to form into a squad, then progress to turning and saluting at a halt. Once you have mastered these move separately we put them all together, marching, moving, turning and saluting on the march.

There are various levels of drill. After you have got to grips with the basics of drill you move on to drill with a rifle. After learning the drill routine you will then be taught the skills needed to teach others, including the key command words and the art of timing.

Turnout is the term used to describe how to wear your uniform and personal equipment correctly. Your appearance is an important part of being a cadet. We will teach you about each part of your uniform and how to take care of it, ensuring smartness at all times.

It will be your responsibility to always look smart and tidy when in Army Cadets uniform.