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Skills & qualifications

Get the skills, qualifications and personal qualities you need to get on in life

The skills you learn as a cadet can help you stand out from the competition, whether you are applying for college or university, or looking for your first job. If you've ever wanted to do the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, that's something we can help you with, and your cadet activities can count towards respected qualifications like BTEC and ILM qualifications through CVQO.

We also offer some opportunities to explore possible careers and to take part in 'employability' training to help you succeed in interviews.

Through our cadet activities you will gain loads of valuable skills, experience, leadership qualities and more self-confidence. In addition, you can gain a whole range of qualifications such as the Army Cadet Star Awards or a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Vocational qualifications such as BTEC Certificates and Diplomas as well as leadership and management qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) – are also available to you at no cost through our relationship with CVQO (formerly the Cadet Vocational Qualification Organisation).

Ross 2

As well as fun activities, the Army Cadets provide opportunities to get qualifications that can help both Cadets and Adult Volunteers in their life and careers outside of the Cadets, including CVQO and ILM. I completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards (DofE) and visited St James’ Palace as a Cadet.

SSI Ross Wheeler-Clayton

BTEC Level 1

BTEC level 1 certificate in teamwork, personal skills and citizenship (scqf level 4)

This cvqo-led qualification is intended for learners aged 13-15 and provides some recognition for the sorts of cadetting skills you have learnt that can be transferred into the world of work.

Acf cadets who achieve the rank of 1 star are eligible to receive the certificate – it rewards the work you have done to reach this milestone and acts as a pathway to further cvqo-led qualifications.

BTEC Level 2

Btec level 2 in teamwork and personal development in the community (scqf level 5)

Thousands of cadets achieve this valuable qualification every year. This qualification will help you develop a wide variety of skills including effective communication, career planning, the value of volunteering and character development.

Aimed at cadets aged 16-18, it is an ideal qualification to help strengthen higher education or job applications – it also looks great on a cv alongside school and college work.

ILM Level 2

ILM level 2 award for young leaders

The qualification is delivered by a team of CVQO instructors over two consecutive days and includes a combination of practical leadership activities and classroom-based theory lessons.

The course is aimed at 14 to 19-year-old cadets and is designed to challenge them to unlock their leadership potential. Learners will have loads of fun, learn how to motivate and inspire those around them while, of course, gaining an ilm level 2 award for young leaders.

The course includes topic areas such as: leadership styles, team development, problem solving, setting smart objectives and using swot analysis.

ILM Level 3

ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

An ILM level 3 in Leadership and Management is an internationally recognised qualification for line managers, team leaders and supervisors. It offers the perfect development opportunity for new, existing and aspiring managers that lead teams.

This qualification is ideal if you have management of, or leadership responsibility for others, but no formal training. It is also the qualification CVQO Westminster Award finalists who reach the selection event stage can gain.