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Take control of your cadet experience with the Cadet Portal app. Put your cadet journey in your hands.

What is Cadet Portal?

Cadet Portal is an app enabling cadets to access their own cadet information. It gives you visibility to areas where you previously needed to rely on your detachment passing on the information, noticeboards, or word of mouth. Cadet Portal takes its information directly from Westminster (the Army Cadets’ central personnel database), so everything in Cadet Portal is fully up to date.

What does it do?

See how you are progressing through star levels, ranks, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Shooting, First Aid, and much more.

Find activities you are interested in and express interest in attending. Find all the information and download any documents attached to the activity (like kit lists).

You can set notification preferences to keep up to date on activity booking changes, get reminders for activities you are attending, when you have been awarded a new qualification, unit news, and more.

Keep a record of extra activities you do. From shooting to climbing, volunteering in the community, to athletics and much more.

Create your own Avatar to use in your portal profile or download to use elsewhere.

Create your own personalised record of achievement quickly and easily to showcase the skills and qualifications you’ve gained in the Army Cadets.

See all your parade nights and activities in one place. Select a parade night to notify of absence.

You can download Cadet Portal as an app. To do this, log in and use the Install app button (the cloud with an arrow in it) in the top right of your portal (next to the notification bell).

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    Track your progress

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    Activity Search

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    Overview of admin and qualifications

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How to setup your account!

How to set up your account

Follow the steps below to register, once you have registered you can access Cadet Portal easily anytime using the log in you create.

  • Go to the Defence Gateway account creation page at this link
  • Answer YES when asked Are you current serving MOD personnel with a valid Staff/Service Number?
  • Complete the registration form using your Cadet number in the MoD Issued Service/Staff number box.
  • Read and agree to SyOps (Security Operating Procedures) and JSP 740 (Acceptable Use Policy) a lot of this is not aimed at cadets but it is important you read and agree.
  • Click Submit.
  • You will then see a ‘Congratulations, you have successfully registered’ message. Do not click the ‘Go to Defence Gateway’ button, instead you should close your browser.
  • Check your email inbox for the registration email and click the verification link.
  • Verify your account using the username from your verification email and your password.
  • When you see the Email Validation thank you message, do not click the Continue to Defence Gateway button, instead you should close your browser.
  • Finally go to the Cadet Portal and log is using your username and password.
  • Start exploring your Cadet Portal!

Now you’re registered you can access Cadet Portal anytime using the web link or you can download the app using the Install app button (the cloud with an arrow in it) in the top right of your portal.