Durham cadet shortlisted for prestigious award

7 June 2013

Cadet Sergeant Daniel Wilkie has received a Young First Aider of the Year award from St John Ambulance for his exceptional efforts in carrying out resuscitation for more than 20 minutes. He has also been shortlisted for the annual Young First Aider of the Year Awards Ceremony to be held in May next year.

Knowing his first aid skills gained as an army cadet Daniel’s sister immediately contacted him when her partner Gary collapsed. Daniel rushed the few streets to his sister’s house and on arriving checked the casualty, who was lying on a sofa, and found Gary was not breathing. Together he and his sister dragged Gary off the sofa and Daniel started to carry out resuscitation while an ambulance was called. It took more than 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Throughout this time Gary maintained CPR with rescue breaths and chest compressions – the Resuscitation Council recommend changing over every 1 to 2 minutes due to the physical strain of keeping up with CPR.

Once the ambulance finally arrived Daniel carried on CPR while they set up around him and delivered 3 shocks from a defibrillator before rushing Gary to hospital. Sadly Gary died later that evening but Daniel’s skills might well have given him a chance to live he would not otherwise have had.

It is no surprise that Daniel and his team mate won the young adult first aid competition held at Stainton Camp this weekend for teams of cadet first aiders from across the North East. Daniel’s skills will be tested again, but fortunately not for real, when he participates in the national competitions later this year.