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Army Cadet Pipes and Drums Enchant Audiences at Prestigious…

National Cadet Force Pipes and Drums, comprising 44 talented cadets and staff members, captivate audiences at a prestigious military musical event. Making their third appearance at the event, the group performed alongside renowned bands.

Army Cadet Pipes and Drums Enchant Audiences at Prestigious Military Musical Event

14 July 2023

  • National
  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF
  • 2nd Battalion The Highlanders ACF
  • Angus And Dundee Battalion ACF
  • Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders Battalion ACF
  • Black Watch Battalion ACF
  • Lothian And Borders Battalion ACF
  • West Lowland Battalion ACF
Army Cadet Music

In a display of talent and skill, the National Cadet Force (NCF) Pipes and Drums were among the esteemed musicians who participated in a highly anticipated military musical event. The group, comprised of 44 cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs), showcased their exceptional musical prowess and performed at various stages of the event.

The NCF Pipes and Drums commenced their performance from Wellington Barracks, marching down Birdcage Walk to Horse Guards, where they enthralled the audience with their captivating melodies before the main show began. They joined forces with the renowned Pipes and Drums of The Irish Guards and London Scottish, creating an awe-inspiring collaboration alongside the massed bands of the Household Division.

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Cadets joined by Irish Guards and London Scottish

Among the highlights of the event, an Army Cadet Piper took centre stage as the Lone Piper during the grand finale. Their poignant lament resonated through the air, captivating all who attended. This is not the first time the National Cadet Force Pipes and Drums have been invited to participate in this prestigious event. Their inclusion is a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication, showcasing the caliber of musicianship within the Army Cadets.

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Army Cadet lone piper takes centre stage

The National Cadet Force Pipes and Drums consist of 36 Army Cadets from various units, including 2nd Highlanders, Angus and Dundee, Black Watch, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Lothian and Borders, and West Lowland Army Cadets. Additionally, they are joined by eight Air Cadets from the S&NI Branch. Each unit diligently rehearsed individually at their respective locations, with additional training weekends specifically dedicated to the National Pipes and Drums. The cadets and adult volunteers involved in this performance seized the valuable opportunity to participate in a well-publicised military musical event. Their mesmerising performance resonated with the audience, allowing them to showcase the exceptional talent and dedication present within Cadet Forces Pipes and Drums.

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36 Army Cadets from the Army Cadets

Among the distinguished members of the National Cadet Force Pipes and Drums team is the Drum Major of The London Scottish Pipes and Drums, who not only began their musical journey as a cadet with 1 Highlanders but also served as a CFAV with the National Pipes and Drums Team. Their journey serves as an inspiration to all involved, highlighting the potential for growth and accomplishment within the cadet forces.

As the event approached, anticipation built for the remarkable display of musical talent that the National Cadet Force Pipes and Drums brought to the stage. Their participation not only represented their unit but also stood as a testament to the vibrant and accomplished cadets and CFAVs within the Cadet Forces community.


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Nearly all counties have a band, Corps of Drums or Pipes and Drums and cadet are being invited to perform at all kinds of events with at home and abroad. Aside from gaining the technical ability to play in instrument, music improves commitment, discipline and self-esteem.

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