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ACCT UK Excellence Awards 2022 Celebrate Outstanding…

The prestigious ACCT UK Excellence Awards 2022 were held at Carpenters' Hall in London, where Colonel Professor Sir Jonathan Van Tam MBE, Honorary Colonel for Army Cadets Medical Support, presented the awards.

ACCT UK Excellence Awards 2022 Celebrate Outstanding Achievements

23 June 2023

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The Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT UK), our charity was founded in 1930, and aims to empower young people through their participation in the Army Cadet Force (ACF) programme and supports our adult volunteers. Over the past 10 years, ACCT UK has provided grants totaling £4.5 million to enhance the lives and opportunities of young people in the UK.

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The ACCT UK Excellence Awards are a unique recognition scheme designed to promote and support non-military programs offered by the ACF. While the ACF primarily focuses on military themed activities such as fieldcraft and shooting, the awards acknowledge the importance of broader activities in developing essential life skills such as self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, and resilience among young people. ACCT UK actively promotes the diversity of activities and provides support through charitable grants.

Award Categories

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, a program that offers nationally recognised qualifications valued by employers, holds a special place within the ACF. The late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who served as the ACF's Colonel in Chief, founded the award, and the ACF was one of the four founding organisations that participated in its trial over 60 years ago.

First Aid, another crucial life skill, is extensively taught within the ACF. Cadets and adult volunteers frequently utilise their training to respond to incidents in public. Many ACF members receive national recognition for their first aid efforts from organisations such as the Order of St. John and the Royal Humane Society.

The Music category acknowledges the significance of music training, which is often absent from state schools. Providing music training opportunities within the ACF not only benefits cadets but also contributes to the local community, as ACF bands and corps of drums become in-demand performers within their counties.

Sport, an essential aspect of youth development and well-being, is often limited for many cadets in their schools and communities. The ACF introduces a wide range of sports to its members, fostering healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

The Community Service award, a category introduced for the second year, highlights the ACF's commitment to instilling good citizenship values among young people. Sponsored by Ammo & Co, the award aims to recognise and encourage the ACF's exceptional community service initiatives.

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During the awards ceremony, distinguished guests and presenters commended the recipients for their outstanding achievements. Lt. Gen. Sir Andrew Graham, President of ACCT UK, welcomed the attendees, while Major Gen. Duncan Capps, Chair of ACCT UK, delivered closing remarks. A winners lunch concluded the event, allowing participants to celebrate the accomplishments of the ACF community.

The ACCT UK Excellence Awards 2022 served as a testament to the dedication and commitment of both cadets and adult volunteers in enhancing the lives and chances of young people across the UK. Through their participation in non-military programs, these individuals exemplify the core values of the ACF while developing crucial skills and making a positive impact in their communities. The event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of BAE Systems, a leading defense, security, and aerospace company.


Who are ACCT UK?

The Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT UK), formerly known as the Army Cadet Force Association (ACFA), is a national youth charity dedicated to improving the life chances of young people through access to Army Cadets.

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