29 November 2013

Today – Friday 29 November – around 150 Army Cadets, Sea Cadets, Air Cadets and members of the Combined Cadet Force will be joining veterans from the Royal British Legion to take part in a special inter-generational debate at the House of Lords Chamber.

The theme of the debate – organised by the House of Lords, in partnership with the MoD, The Royal British Legion and the English-Speaking Union – is ‘One hundred years after World War One, what is the legacy for the UK and how does it shape the nation today?’

The Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza, said: “…With views from all ages and experiences, this promises to be a lively and challenging debate. I hope that it will touch upon a number of relevant issues about our society, the UK as a nation and our place in the world today. I hope too that it will provide a fitting way of remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War One and in conflicts before and since.”

Three core teams will be taking part in the event, each taking a different stance on the topic:
• The UK is a more globally responsible nation – Air Cadets
• Society is more aware of the impact of war – Combined Cadet Force
• The UK has not learned from its experience – Sea Cadets

The ACF and CCF will be represented by Omar Uwais (Reading CCF) and Coco Collard (Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar CCF). Omar and Coco won their places in the final selection heats against stiff opposition from a mixed ACF/CCF team comprising cadets from Norfolk and Cambridgeshire ACFs and Leys school CCF.

Over 40 more ACF and CCF cadets from all over the UK will be attending the debate and will have the chance to take part as pre-prepared ‘floor speakers’ and ‘impromptu participants’.

The debate will be broadcast as live on the House of Lords website. Click here to access the live stream

Following the event it can be viewed on the House of Lords YouTube channel or accessed on iPlayer (available for seven days).