Annual Camp 2019

03 Aug. 19 to 16 Aug. 19

17 January 2019

Annual Camp Information Letter and Consent Forms will be released shortly. Please ensure your email have been updated on our records.

These will be emailed to parents, available to download from our website and available from the detachments.

We have been working hard to make the forms better this year, the new forms have been updated so that they are much simpler and quicker to complete.

We have also made them electronic so you can complete in word and send via email with out the need for printing.

We hope this will help make the process less stressful but always welcome your feed back.

You will be able to send them to our HQ via the following methods (In order of preference)

1) Email (Electronic Completed)

2) Email (Completed with signature and Scanned)

3) Return to detachments

3) Postal

We will send out monthly emails advising we have received them or not. Please remember if you hand them to the detachments that you may receive email saying we haven't received them this is because they haven't been received at our HQ.