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Eastbourne Detachment Community Engagement Police Visit

On Tuesday 19th March Two PCSO's and a Police officer visited No.10 Eastbourne detachment as part of the community engagement aspect of the new Army Cadet Syllabus.

Eastbourne Detachment Community Engagement Police Visit

21 March 2024

  • Sussex ACF

The evening started in the hall where the officers talked to the cadets about policing and then explained various equipment that they use including crowd control shields and helmets and the various things they carry day to day as part of their role before the cadets then had a chance to get their hands on some the items on display.

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    Both sides of the shield

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    Crowd control

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    Corporal French with a baton

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Once all the equipment was returned they cadets headed outside to have a look at and get inside of a police car, see more items used by the officers and then have ask questions about what being a police office was really like, the best parts of the job and the numerous opportunities and job roles within Sussex Police.

All the cadets enjoyed themselves and thanked the officers before giving them a round of applause before the officers left.

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    Question and answer session

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    One of the officers

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    Checking out the car

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    Fun times

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    Trying out the handcuffs

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