Shooting Competitions

Somerset's cadets compete locally, nationally and internationally in CSBTR, L98A2 and CTR competitions - and WIN!

With members of Somerset's Shooting Team using the L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle 7.62mm at ranges from 200m to 1000m, in all weather conditions, the year starts with the 1 (Artillery) Brigade Skill At Arms Meeting (SAAM) before moving on to the Army Cadets Coaching Course, Bisley V Club and Inter-Services Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM) at Bisley, the home of British shooting.

A number of cadets shoot in the Imperial Competition; the biggest, most prestigious target rifle competition in the world, where the cadets compete against the best shots in the world.

Thereafter the Athelings (British Cadet) Rifle Team, with only 14 cadets from across the whole of the UK selected each year, travel to Canada to compete in the Ontario Rifle Association Meeting and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Meeting.

The UK Cadet Rifle Team, a team of 12 selected each year from 16/17 year olds, competes at the Jersey Open in August. Finally, the Great Britain Under 19 Rifle Team of eight cadets tours South Africa. Somerset cadets routinely win places in all these teams.

Somerset are the current Regional Target Rifle Champions, winner of the Montgomery of Alamein Cup and the winner of the Cadet Imperial Competition in the form of Cadet Cpl Kezaya Nichols, who won a place in the 14-strong UK team going to Canada last summer.

The 2018 ISCRM (Inter-Services Cadet Rifle Meeting) in July added the icing to the cake; we won the Cadet 100 and four cups, with six cadets winning Cadet 100 medals. LCpl Sam Rudge outclassed the country with individual prizes, winning the Cadet 100, The Bossom Trophy, The Gwendolen Guinness Cup, The Wilson Trophy and The Rifle Brigade Cup.

In September the team returned victorious from the HQ SW CADSAAM (Cadet Skill At Arms Meeting) so it was truly a year to be proud of.