CTC Frimley Park
Ctc 2x

SA(M)(07) Cadet Qualification Course

The aim of these leadership courses is to study practical leadership and the planning and conduct of safe training involving blank ammunition and pyrotechnics at detachment and contingent levels.


Successful completion of the course qualifies the Officer or Adult Instructor as an Exercise Conducting Officer (ECO) and for promotion from SI to SSI in the ACF, and from Lt to Capt in the CCF.


Candidates must have attended AIC or CCF Basic Course unless exempt due to previous Regular or Reserve service.


The following prerequisites apply:
(1) WHT on the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.
(2) WHT on the SBS, Smoke Grenade and Trip Flare.


It is recommended that students also undertake the following before attending the course:
(1) Have a level of fitness that will enable them to take part in up to 10 Battle Exercises per day.
(2) Become familiar with the layout, headings and content of an EASP and an EAM.
(3) Have a level of IT literacy that enables Word documents to be created and manipulated, including the production of sketch maps.
(4) Have a familiarity with the cadet fieldcraft pamphlet including basic section level tactics.