CCF Basic Course

Combined Cadet Force Basic Course

Its aim is to train CCF officers in the basic subjects and instructional techniques of the APC (CCF) syllabus.


Successful completion of the course qualifies CCF officers to instruct in the basic subjects of the APC (CCF) syllabus.


Officers should first have attended a CCF Preliminary Training Course run by CTTs under arrangements made by Formation HQs. They must have just had their commission confirmed by MOD Reserve Forces and Cadets Division and have passed WHT on L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.

Course requirements

The Joining Instructions will explain what you need to bring with you. You must be current and competent on the Cadet GP Rifle and will need an in-date Weapon Handling Test (WHT) Certificate to show this.


The following prerequisites apply:
(1) Formally take part in all of rifle lessons 1-9 and hold a current WHT on the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle. It is especially important that students understand how to hold, aim and fire in the prone position.
(2) Can undertake basic drill movements.
(3) Have a basic understanding of a compass and an OS map.


It is recommended that students also undertake the following before attending the course:
(1) Familiarity with the cadet fieldcraft pamphlet.
(2) Prepare for an overnight exercise.