The Best Team Building Activities

The Best Team Building Activities

The Best Team Building Activities

8 November 2023

Working productively in a team doesn’t just mean talking to your other teammates, although that does help! There are plenty of skills to master to effectively operate as a team, and each must be demonstrated by every team member.

Active listening, collaborating, and the ability to make collective decisions may not always come naturally; but they can be learned - often in a fun and engaging way.

Here’s a collection of team-building exercises that will enable you to create strong connections with your teammates.

Play Paintball

Strap on your goggles and get your game face on because paintballing is the ultimate team-building exercise. To stand any chance of victory clear and concise communication is crucial. You’ll need to relay enemy positions, plans of attack, and signals for assistance. You can even have fun with code words.

Paintball is dynamic and unpredictable so you’ll need to be ready to adapt to changes on the battlefield. Designate a leader who can split the group into defence and offence , ensuring that each member operates comfortably within their role and it aligns with their skill sets. Make sure you have a clear game plan, as this will help the team stay focused.

This is a game that relies on a strong foundation of trust, so players must be able to listen and collaborate, rather than argue. Remember, stay alert and be confident!

Go Scavenger Hunting

Scavenger hunting is a great way to learn about nature. Participants are given a checklist of items to find and the first team to uncover them all, wins! The game necessitates putting your heads together and brainstorming. For example, if we asked you to retrieve a sycamore tree leaf, could you do it? You may not be able to individually, but learning the skills and knowledge of your teammates can help you to be successful. Scavenger hunts are a thrilling way to test team resourcefulness and observation skills.

If you’re keen to take your scavenging skills to the next level, why not go global? Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt using online clues and GPS. It’s a safe and fun way to get out into nature with your friends, and it gives you the chance to connect with people all over the world.

Try an Escape Room

Escape rooms require excellent collaborative decision-making skills. The objective is to solve the clues and secure your escape before the time runs out. With the element of time pressure, it’s easy to become stressed. But, keeping your cool and using your collective problem-solving skills will serve you well in this fun team bonding activity.

Escape rooms not only foster a sense of camaraderie but also test your ability to work under pressure, a skill highly sought after by employers. Overall, it’s a fun, character-building activity that you can take as seriously as you like!

Play Capture the Flag

The objective of Capture the Flag is simple; find the opposite team's flag and return it to your base without being tagged. If you’re tagged while in possession of the flag, you’re sentenced to time out, during which the catcher can re-hide the flag. To leave time out, your teammates must venture into enemy territory to free you.

Beyond providing a hefty adrenaline rush, Capture the Flag is great for building trust and honing strategic skills. If you run around like headless chickens with no plan, your flag will be taken in no time. To win, you must communicate as a team and work together.

Play Ultimate Frisbee

Who wants to settle for a game of frisbee when you could play ultimate frisbee? Ultimate frisbee is fast-paced and competitive, you’ve got to be tuned in to your surroundings at all times (especially with the threat of a flying object hurtling towards you at any moment). The goal of Ultimate Frisbee is to score goals by passing to the player in the ‘end zones. Being mindful of your fellow players' whereabouts is key to pulling off some impressive passes and scoring points.

Teamwork is a transferable skill that employers look upon favourably, you can learn about teamwork, problem-solving, and more in our how to build skills article.

Why not get some friends together and see how well you can work together? Or search for your nearest detachment and join the Army Cadets team.

Image credit: Photo by Cori Emmalea Rodriguez