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How to Build Skills Employers Look For

How to Build Skills Employers Look For

30 November 2022

Thinking of employable skills for a CV is relatively simple but being able to action these skills is a different matter. Employers want you to be able to showcase your abilities and the best way to do this is with practice. Becoming an adult volunteer at the Army Cadet Force is the perfect way to apply some of the soft skills that could push you through that final interview.

What are soft skills?

Can you code? Great. Do you know every formula there is to learn on Excel? Great. Having technical and job-specific skills can be career-changing. However, if you lack people skills, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be favoured by potential employers. Soft skills are the abilities to communicate and lead and to respect and work with others. If this is something you struggle with, then there are plenty of ways to work on these skills. Taking on any extra-curricular responsibilities can help to build up your skillset. Read on to find out how the Army Cadet Force provides an opportunity to work on these skills that can be used in the workplace.

Team work

The Army Cadet Force focuses on teaching younger people to respect their peers, follow commands and work together to fulfil a task. Without team work, tasks may not get finished and there is likely to be lack of motivation. Cadets work with our volunteers to master challenges together. Working in a team with people of different ages and backgrounds can be more valuable than working with similar people in an office space. Our adult volunteers become experts in dealing with any conflict that may crop up during challenges and exercises. Due to the constant need to work together, a high 97.4% of our adult volunteers say that their team spirit has increased since volunteering in the ACF – a key skill employers look for.

Public speaking

Public speaking can be a terrifying venture - whether you’re experienced or not. Presenting and speaking to a room full of people may be unappealing, but with practice it does get easier. Our adult volunteers gradually build up their skills by speaking in front of cadets and fellow volunteers. Whether it’s performing First Aid, teaching a qualification, or explaining an exercise - adult volunteers are leaders who teach and inspire cadets. We have seen a huge number of our adult volunteers’ confidence thrive and grow, and public speaking has become natural to them.

Problem solving

Our cadets are encouraged to make decisions quickly. Our adult volunteers will also have to step in and make quick decisions when working together with cadets. These adults encourage cadets to show initiative and, as role models, demonstrate the same problem-solving skills themselves. Although the decisions made at the Army Cadet Force may differ from those made at a place of work, the ACF encourages adult volunteers to think on their feet. This can help with making important decisions that need to be made quickly at work, and in day-to-day life.

Interpersonal skills

Having good communication skills, patience and respect are all important, and are crucial skills that employers look for when finding the right person for a job. Becoming an adult volunteer in the ACF is an easy way to gain these skills. Communicating with 12-18-year olds can sometimes be a hard task but our volunteers are often surprised at the bonds they build with cadets.

Don't just take our word for it!

The Army Cadet Force provides a friendly, fun and productive environment to work on employability skills. As well as tackling key skills employers look for, there is ample opportunity for our adult volunteers to gain alternative qualifications.

Become a role model, help young people, as well as add valuable skills to your CV. Discover more benefits of volunteering at the ACF and find out how you can sign up now.