Awards evening held for Top Cadets

10 May 2018

Wednesday the 9th of May saw Surrey celebrate several Cadets and Adult Volunteer achievements with HM Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, Mr Michael More-Molyneux making the presentations.

The awards given ranged from Long service awards for our volunteers, to Duke of Edinburgh Certificates to 4 Star and Master Cadets Awards.


SSI David Byrne was awarded his Cadet Forces Medal on completion of 12 years’ service with Surrey ACF and SSI Rob King was awarded his Medal and 1st Clasp on 18 years of service to the cadet force.

We had six Bronze Duke of Edinburgh awards (LCpl Oxborough, Cpl R Viner, CSM T Viner, Cadet Brown, Cadet Hopton, Sgt Crossman) and six Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards for cadets from all over the county (L/Cpl Oxborough, Cpl Turner-Wells, L/Cpl Proudlock, Sgt Duveen-Conway, CSM T Viner, Sgt Lowery). All the awards had been completed within the last 6 months and are very valuable to the cadets as they enter the workplace or apply for University.

Cpl Josling from Addlestone, was awarded the National Army Cadet Force Shooting Colours, for being the best U16 shot at a National Competition, this has also earnt her a place on a 6-week shooting course in Canada this year.

Sgt Joni Alexander was also awarded her STEM badge for attending the Army led Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics course last October.

Then the Army Proficiency Certificates (APC) were handed out, and after a record year, Ten Cadets have achieved the 4 Star level, these cadets have had to show high levels of skill and prove their potential at Leadership, completing a Regional Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre to reach success. Congratulations to Sgt Lawless, Cpl Collard, Cpl R Viner, Sgt Duveen-Conway, Sgt Larmer, Sgt Alexander, Sgt Crossman, C/Sgt Cassidy, Sgt Dennison-Barkham, Sgt Lowery.

Finally, CSM T Viner was awarded his Master Cadet certificate after successfully completing the National Course, this is the highest level of the APC that a cadet can reach, and very few cadets make it to this level.

The awards were also a chance for us to present some of the activities we have been doing over the last 12 months to those present. The Commandant opened the awards evening and handed over to RSM Smyth who confidently talked about the Parachuting experience, followed by Sgt Dennison-Barkham who spoke about his experiences in Western Australia.

We have a fantastic group of cadets within Surrey, we congratulate all of you, and we also want to give our thanks to the dedicated Adult Volunteers who support, guide and lead our cadets to achieve their potential.

If you interested in finding out more about being a cadet visit or a volunteer click here.