D Company

The history of D Company has been forged by the thousands of people both young and old who have worn our uniform, have worked hard and enjoyed the benefits to pass on to the generations that have followed. To be part of D Company is to part of a living and evolving unit within a very large organisation.

D Company has 6 detachments, Rushden, Wellingborough, Latimer (Kettering), Montagu (Kettering), Rothwell, Market Harborough and a Corps of Drums. HQ is located in Rothwell. . It is home to aproximately 175 cadets, 30 adult instructors .

D Company was born in 1942 with the formation of a Cadet Company in the Kettering area. The Kettering Detachment, No.1 Platoon Commanded by Lt Sid Painter MM, had 350 cadets and paraded in the Kettering Grammar School. D Company was formerly known as 2nd (Cadet) Battalion The Northamptonshire Regiment and eventually had detachments at Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, Corby and Oundle.

In 1968 the County Regiments throughout the east of England amalgamated forming the Royal Anglian Regiment. The cadet organisations in both Northamptonshire and Leicestershire also amalgamated that year forming the Leicestershire Northants ACF. D Company re-badged to the Royal Anglian Regiment and was closely associated with the 5th Battalion “The Steelbacks”.

In the reorganisation following amalgamation D Coy lost detachments at Corby and Oundle to the newly formed E Company but gained Market Harborough and Desborough Detachments.

D Coy has had 16 Company Commanders since its formation in 1942. Colonel TE Richmond, the OC from 2001 to 2003 was a cadet in 1960 and carried the Banner during the ACF centenary celebrations in 2010.