Closure of the Hellfire Corner Association and Kind Donation to Dover Detachment

13 April 2018

The Hellfire Corner Association of Dover have been active in Dover for many years, Dover ACF have worked with them for the last five years. They ran the Remembrance Festival at the Dover Town Hall as well as the Armed Forces Day in Pencester Gardens.

They have put on great community events and raised money for the Royal British Legion. Dover Detachment has recently joined the Royal British Legion Whitecliff Branch, it was agreed between the two organisations that after the Remembrance concert in 2017 the Hell Fire Corner would close and the Royal British Legion would take it over.

Lt Breeshea Robinson, Detachment Commander said:

 “It is sad that the organisation has had to close but the events will continue through the work of the RBL. The organisation decided to split the remaining funds between the Army and Air Cadets of Dover, with the promise that it will be spent on the Dover Cadets and in the local area.

We are currently in discussions with the cadets and the parent as to what we should spend this money on. We at Dover Army Cadets are extremely grateful to the Hellfire Corner Association for their donation of £1500 and the many years of fun they have given us”.