Warrington Cadet Becomes Cheshire's New Cadet RSM

1 February 2018

Cheshire ACF’s Commandant, Colonel Ayes took great pleasure in promoting Cadet Laura Elvin (17) to the rank of Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major. Each ACF county has only one Cadet RSM at a time, making Laura the highest ranking cadet in the county!

Cadet RSM Laura Elvin joined Warrington Detachment in January 2013 as a young and shy 12 year old. Laura soon grew in confidence, taking on new challenges and going further than she ever thought she could. She soon proved herself to be an incredibly knowledgeable, committed and talented Cadet, well respected by her peers.

Over her past five years in the cadets, she’s enjoyed being a member of the county shooting team – competing at the regional competition and nationally at Bisley – the Cadet Leadership Course and in August 2017, her Master Cadet; the highest APC Star Level a cadet can achieve. Upon receiving her promotion, Cadet RSM Laura Elvin said, “It’s an absolute honour to have been awarded this. Thank you so much to everyone that’s helped me in my cadet career.”

Laura’s promotion left her previous position as Cadet Company Sergeant Major for Normandy Company vacant. Colonel Ayes moved quickly to resolve this, promoting Stockton Heath Cadet Olivia Hatfield (17) to Cadet Sergeant Major where she’ll take up the position of Normandy’s new Cadet CSM.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing Cadet RSM Laura Elvin and Cadet CSM Olivia Hatfield all the best in their new positions and congratulating them on their achievements.