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Cambridgeshire Army Cadets

We have now returned to face to face training, and have exciting plans for pre-camps in June and our Annual Camp in July which will be packed with action and adventure. Join us today!

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force

County Headquarters
Denny End Road
CB25 9QU

Safeguarding Contact

3072 2304 maxh

Major Geoff Hammond CEO & Designated Safeguarding Officer, property & business enquiries

email: ea-camceo@rfca.org.uk

Tel: 01223 622830


Cadet Enquiries

Hyslop head

Mrs Liz Hyslop Administration Officer (Cadets)

Email: ea-camao2@rfca.org.uk

Tel: 01223 622832 or 07739 093981

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Adult Instructor Enquiries

6 D2 A9889

Mrs Barbara Day Administration Officer (Adults)

Email: ea-camao1@rfca.org.uk

Mob: 07554119053 Home: 01767 651713


Press and Public Relations


P.I. Douglas Stuart Public Relations Officer

Email: 2497stuar@armymail.mod.uk

Mob: 07305 357381 Home: 01353 610794


Senior Staff

Unnamed 3

Colonel Fraser-Hitchen Commandant

6 D2 A9906

Major Deacon Deputy Commandant (Cadets)

6 D2 A4430

Major Seaman Deputy Commandant (Adults)

6 D2 A9892

Major Hammond Chief Executive Officer

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Company Commanders

C950 DB162 C9247 CA95736 C1 D52 B51 C01

Captain Stewart Officer Commanding 1 Company

6 D2 A9894

Major Annis Officer Commanding 2 Company

6 D2 A9882

Major Grogan Officer Commanding 3 Company


Major Wood Officer Commanding 4 Company


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