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Cambridgeshire Army Cadets

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force Offers Fun, Friendship, Action and Adventure. Join us today!

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force

County Headquarters
Denny End Road
CB25 9QU

Safeguarding Contact

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Major Geoff Hammond CEO & Designated Safeguarding Officer. Major Hammond is temporarily unavailable. Our safeguarding contact is currently Major Bob Gibbs, Tel 07824 663643 ea-norceo@rfca.org.uk


Cadet Enquiries

Hyslop head

Mrs Liz Hyslop Administration Officer (Cadets)

Email: ea-camao2@rfca.org.uk

Tel: 01223 622832 or 07739 093981

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Adult Instructor Enquiries

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Mrs Barbara Day Administration Officer (Adults)

Email: ea-camao1@rfca.org.uk

Mob: 07554119053 Work: 01223 622831


Press, Public Relations and Padre


P.I. Douglas Stuart Public Relations Officer

Email: 2497stuar@armymail.mod.uk Mob:07305 357381 Home: 01353 610794


Senior Padre Rev. Mark Amey Pastoral, Spiritual, Ethical & Welfare Issues

Email: padre.amey@armymail.mod.uk Mob:07905 122090


Senior Staff

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Colonel Lesley Deacon County Commandant

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Lieutenant Colonel John Seaman Deputy Commandant (Adults)

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Lieutenant Colonel Sandy Grogan Deputy Commandant (Cadets)

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Senior Staff (Cont)

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Major Hammond Chief Executive Officer

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RSMI Hockey Regimental Sergeant Major


Padre Amey Senior Padre

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Company Commanders

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Major Bob Stewart Officer Commanding 1 Company

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Major Jay Annis Officer Commanding 2 Company

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Major John Kell MBE Officer Commanding 3 Company


Major James Wood Officer Commanding 4 Company


About Us

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force is your gateway to fun, friendship, action and adventure. Our cadets follow a military syllabus, and get to take part in adventurous training, sports, shooting, and expeditions. Cadets and adult instructors learn lifelong skills, can obtain useful and important qualifications in subjects such as leadership, first aid and cyber security, and cadets and young adults will have the option to complete The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Cambridgeshire ACF has 31 detachments which are organised into 4 Companies and based across the Cambridgeshire area, which includes Peterborough and Newmarket. Cadets are expected to attend their local detachment one evening a week, with the option to take part in regular weekend training and an annual camp, where a greater variety of exciting activities are available.

Cambridge Regional College Detachment is open to students at CRC. The College provides various Uniformed Services BTEC courses which prepare students to apply to organisations such as the Armed Forces and the emergency services. As a member of CRC Detachment, cadets can take part in Army Cadet training in tandem to their college courses.



We are recruiting!

Cadets - We welcome boys and girls aged 12 and in year 8 at school up to their 18th birthday, with the option of continuing further.

Adults - We are looking for adults from all walks of life, ex-military or with no experience at all. We need volunteers who can get involved in a number of different capacities, not only those who are keen to get into army uniform and become instructors, but also administrators and support staff. Whatever your background, you are welcome.


The Corps of Drums

Cambridgeshire ACF Corps of Drums (CoD): Cadets with an interest in music can apply to join CoD, which is based at the Army Reserve Centre, London Road, Peterborough. Cadets may join the CoD directly, be with a community detachment first and then transfer, or may be in both the CoD and a community detachment concurrently. Cadets initially qualify in the standard military themed Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) 1 Star and can then progress to APC Music at 2, 3, and 4 Star level.

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