St Neots' Visit to CCTV Control Room

St Neots' Visit to CCTV Control Room

8 April 2024

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On Wed 27th March, St Neots Detachment were invited to visit Huntingdonshire District Council’s (HDC) CCTV Control Room. The visit was arranged and hosted by SSI Alan Stagg, who works as a CCTV operator at the site.


St Neots Detachment outside the control room.

Upon arrival, the cadets were greeted by SSI Stagg, and given a quick tour of the building and a briefing. He explained to the cadets that they were visiting a live control room and they could be asked to leave if a serious incident took place, and also that no pictures were allowed to be taken in the control room. Cadets were then split into their two platoons, with one group at a time going in. Whilst waiting, the other group completed a Community Engagement lesson on Street Plans.


SSI Stagg briefs the cadets.

The tour was very impressive. Cadets were shown a wall of screens with hundreds of cameras covering various towns and villages throughout Cambridgeshire. The cadets were really impressed with the quality of the images, and found it fun seeing areas they recognised such as the local skate park!


Cadets with SSI Stagg.

SSI Stagg and his colleagues explained to the cadets the vital role they perform, this includes preventing crime, from low level shop-lifting, up to more serious offences. The team co-ordinates with the Police and other emergency services, and also assists with missing or vulnerable persons.

It was a fascinating and eye-opening visit. I would like to thank SSI Stagg, his colleagues and HDC for hosting the visit.

Text and photos by SSI Dale Irving