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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

DofE and Army Cadet Force

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

17 March 2022

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Lots of the skills gained during DofE cross-over with what you will learn in the ACF, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Work towards your DofE whilst continuing the ACF syllabus.

DofE was created to encourage young people to venture out of their comfort zone and develop their skills. Everyone takes their own individual achievements away from the experience, but the main advantages of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards are:

It's open to all young people: The award doesn't consider factors like gender, physical ability or academic ability. The rewards are based on individual improvement which means that anybody can take part.

Looks great on CVs and applications: One of the main reasons DofE was created was to help young people become more employable. The award conveys commitment, achievement and the ability to venture outside their comfort zone. It is also a great talking point with future prospective employers and shows that you can work independently and as part of a team.

It's an opportunity to try new things: Lots of young people have never volunteered, orienteered, or gone camping. DofE encourages people to be outside and have fun with others whilst doing something they may have never done before.

Practice teamwork: To complete DofE, teamwork is required. Whether it's navigating, setting up a tent or simply looking after one another, DofE encourages people to work together - something that is an important life skill.

Give something back to the community: Volunteering is one of the biggest aspects of DofE. It is a massive opportunity to help others and spend time doing something that benefits other people. Volunteering enhances our life skills and gives us a different perspective.

Cover DofE whilst doing the ACF syllabus.