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Wiltshire Army Cadets

We inspire young people to challenge their limits, grow their abilities, and go further in life

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Wiltshire Army Cadet Force is home to 650 Cadets & 130 Volunteers in 24 Detachments across the County

There's no better time to join the adventure with the Army Cadets. With locations throughout Wiltshire, you're never far away from the action.

No matter your aims or goals when joining, everyone takes away something different. Some will gain confidence and discover potential they never knew they had. One thing is for sure both cadets and adult volunteers gain new skills, qualifications, experiences, and friends for life. All while having a unique adventure.

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Just some of the activities you can do with us....

SHOOTING. One of the most exciting activities you’ll get to do in the Army Cadets is shooting

NAVIGATION. Teaches a range of practical skills that are useful in everyday life

DRILL AND TURNOUT. Drill and Turnout will teach you how to care for your uniform and look smart on parade

CIS. Communications and Information Systems

EXPEDITIONS. Unforgettable experiences and life-changing challenges where you will learn as much about…

SCIC. Senior Cadet Instructor Course

FIELDCRAFT. Fieldcraft is one of the most popular cadet activities in the Army Cadets. Fieldcraft and…


FIRST AID. First Aid is offered to all adults and cadets within the Army Cadets.

D of E

JCIC. Junior Cadet Instructor Course

Music (Corps of Drums)

For more info on what you can do.....

Activities you can do with us

  • Drill

    Drill and Turnout

  • Feildcraft


  • Fisrt aid

    First Aid

  • Navigation


  • Music


  • Shooting



    Communications and Information Systems

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County HQ

Commandant Colonel Britt Haggerty

​Deputy Commandant ​Lt Colonel Peter White

​Cadet Executive Officer Major Nick Turnbull

​​County RSMI RSMI Richie Hearn


A (Ferozeshah) Company

OC- Maj Lee Bampfield

Coy 2I/C -Capt Tim Stokes

Company Sergeant Major - CSMI J Hearn


Royal Wootton Basset Detachment
Church Place Detachment
Dorcan Academy Detachment
Swindon Academy Detachment
Abbey Park Detachment

Wilts ACF Corps of Drums

Tile image acoy2

B (Anzio) Company

OC- Currently Vacant

Coy 2I/C - Capt Ian Peaple

Company Sergeant Major - CSMI R Essex


Abbeyfield Detachment
Calne Detachment
Chippenham Detachment
Corsham Detachment
Devizes Detachment
Marlborough Detachment

Anzio trench

C (Arakan) Company

OC- Major Andy Emery

Coy 2I/C - Currently Vacant

Company Sergeant Major - CSMI I Land


Lavington Detachment
Melksham Detachment
Tisbury Detachment
Trowbridge Detachment
Warminster Detachment
Westbury Detachment

Arakan C Coy

D (Gallipoli) Company

OC- Maj John Burton

Coy 2I/C - Lt James Brown

Company Sergeant Major - CSMI I Hutchinson


Bulford Detachment
Downton Detachment
Larkhill Detachment
Old Sarum Detachment
Sarum Academy Detachment
Tidworth Detachment

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How to get in contact with us.

HQ Wilts Army Cadet Force
Le Marchant Barracks
Franklyn Road
Wiltshire SN10 2FE

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Cadet FAQs

Volunteer FAQs

County Sports

As an Army Cadet you will have the option to take part in a variety of sports and competitions such as athletics, cross country, swimming, football, rugby, hockey, orienteering, and tug-of-war. All sports involve both boys and girls. But before you reach the national finals, there are regional heats to compete in.

County football2

County Shooting

One of the most exciting activities you’ll get to do in the Army Cadets is shooting. It is the main activity that differentiates the Army Cadets from most other youth organisations. Learning about shooting will teach you a number of key skills, the most important of which are discipline and safety awareness. It also brings with it a great sense of achievement.

Shooting team

Corps of Drums

Corps of drums are a common occurrence in the armed forces, particularly the army and the navy. Operationally, corps of drums are deployed as a specialist platoon.

The main instruments used is a Snare Drum, Bugle, and Flute. The five key flute, typically pitched in B-flat. Common tunes such as The British Grenadiers and Hazelmere are traditionally played by military corps of drums.


Arnhem Marches

Wiltshire ACF take part in the Annual Arnhem Marches in The Netherlands alongside over 36000 participants. As part of their visit, they have a battlefield tour of the major sites and attend a memorial to the 4th and 5th Bn Wiltshire Regiment just south of Arnhem. On completion, they are awarded their march medals


County Media Officer

SMI Gary Cox