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Taking you a stage further in your...

Senior Cadet County training weekend - by Lt K Jackson

Taking you a stage further in your...

30 October 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

October 13-15th saw sixty six senior cadets from across the county take part in a variety of training to enable them to progress through the Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS), as well as preparing them for external Senior Cadet courses, taking the next step in their leadership and cadet careers.

A team of expert and enthusiastic Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) worked together to deliver 4 Star Drill and Turnout, a Pre-Master Cadet course, a Pre-Senior Cadet Instructor Course (Pre-SCIC), 3 and 4 Star First Aid, all at Driffield Cadet Training Centre, as well as 3 star Adventure Training at Welton Waters.

All the courses are a mix of theory and practical with time spent in the classroom and outdoors. It was great that the sun was shining for us, although rather chilly at times – this didn’t stop the smiles and willingness of the Adventure Training cadets to jump into the water from their paddle boards, and learn capsize drills.

Our two preparation courses are so important to ensure that cadets have the correct expectations, skills and knowledge to be able to take part in challenging externally delivered courses. Students on the Pre-Master Cadet Course refreshed their Fieldcraft, Navigation and Signals knowledge, and were put through their paces building models, extracting and delivering orders.

Fourteen cadets took part in the Pre-SCIC where they received a refresher on Cadet Forces Instructional Techniques, and were able to practice delivering lessons and receive lots of guidance and feedback in Navigation, Fieldcraft and Drill. Twelve cadets went on to the main SCIC in the weeks following the course.

Cadet Corporal (Cdt Cpl) Cecily Chester, 'B' Company said: "initially I found the idea of the weekend daunting but my confidence has definitely improved and I’ve got a lot to take forward in my instructing skills. I’m really looking forward to doing more instructing back at detachment."

Our First Aiders had a lot of learning to take on board and apply in both theory and practical tests. The course included group tasks to research and present back about different aspects of First Aid such as how to identify symptoms and treat various types of injuries.

Cdt Cpl Jude Fleming, 'E' Company said: ‘First Aid is such a valuable skill; I use it at cadets and during my part time job as match day staff at Grimsby Town Football club.’

Long hours were put in on the drill square building on the cadets’ knowledge and getting to grips with the particular techniques of delivering drill lessons including terminology, positioning, style and fault checking. If you look closely, you might be able to spot two unexpected drill students/ staff joining the squad momentarily… (spoiler alert – our Padres!)

Well done to everyone participating in the weekend!

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