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Water based weekend of fun

'C' Company weekend at Welton waters - by SSI D Nixon

Water based weekend of fun

23 October 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

A Weekend of many firsts for six of our Adventure Training cadets. They all braved the autumn sunshine and dropping temperatures at Welton Waters Sailing Club near Hull.

All six had a try of kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding gaining a three star pass with much higher confidence and a sense of belonging.

The team worked together in tandem to paddle canoes, battled the winds on Saturday and ended the weekend with a big splash.

Cadet Buckley from Thorne Detachment said: "I enjoyed the weekend, it was a refreshing cold day Saturday but Sunday the sun came out and the water was like glass reflections of our boats on the water were amazing".

Cadet Georgina Tribick of Mexborough really enjoyed the kayaking she said:"I have been coached by staff Nixon in the pool at Doncaster Dome and to bring everything I’ve been taught together at the lake was enjoyable as it put all my skills to the test."

Cadet Lance Corporal Ethan Evans of Thorne Detachment said: "The weekend was very relaxed Captain (Paul) Mears showed me rescue skills on different crafts. Which I enjoyed watching".

Welton Sailing Club is based on Welton Waters, these are a group of former Clay Pits located on the banks of the Humber estuary about 3 miles from the Humber Bridge. The lake that we sail on is one of the largest sailing lakes in the area, having an area of some 100 acres. Its safe, enclosed waters make it an ideal place to learn any paddle sports.

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