Juno Company

March ACS Weekend

Juno Company

29 March 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Juno Company took 125 Cadets on their March ACS Weekend.

During the weekend Juno Coy had visits from Col Britt Haggerty, Commandant of Wilts ACF and RSM Rich Hearn. As with all company weekends, it is the ideal time to award and promote our Cadets and Adult Volunteers

Cadet Promotions.

Cdt Cadnam to L/Cpl
Cdt Stocker to L/Cpl
L/Cpl Deverill to Cpl
L/Cpl Bosworth to Cpl
L/Cpl Wright to Cpl
L/Cpl Sault B to Cpl
Cpl Bullock to Sgt
Sgt Dutton Ward to S/Sgt
S/Sgt Yuill M to Sgt Maj
Sgt May Creasey Cottle to CSM

CFAV Promotions.

Si Andy Philp to SSI Andy Philp

Also attended and gave presentations to the cadets were the County CVQO officer, Capt Cubbon and the County Sports officer SI Williams

Throughout the weekend our cadets took pat in the following Army Cadet Syllabus activities

Recruits Cadre: covered, Swimming Test, CIS, Archery, Navigation and Drill.
One Star Cadre
: covered Skill at Arms (SAA) on the L9 8A2 Weapon
Two Star Cadre
: Navigation around Salisbury Plain Training Area
Three Star Cadre
: Navigation around Salisbury Plain Training Area
Four Star Cadre
: Revision on all Cadet Forces Weapon Systems (AR, CSBTR, A2 and CTR)

Photos from the final parade can also be seen here


125 Cadets on Juno Coy March ACS Weekend

Gallery- Activities

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