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A recap of day three from Annual Camp 2023


1 August 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Padres Palace

Last night was the first opportunity for the cadets to relax and use the facilities that Padre's Palace has to offer.

Originally it probably had an official name, like Welfare Team/Club, etc but very quickly it affectionately became Padre's Palace

The facility is used so cadets can wind down and just relax. Over the years the available options have increased and this is always one of the highlights of our cadet's annual camp.

1 Star Cadre

1-star cadets had a mixture of events around the Crowborough training camp.

The cadre is split into 2 smaller cadres, named Juno and Utah. They will all get the same opportunities but on a rotational plan

*Juno - Shotgun, .22 shooting indoor range, AR shooting, Paintball & Archery

*Utah - continuation of A2 weapon training

1 Star Cadet of the Day

Utah- Cadet Steel.

JUNO Cadet Clarke

2 Star

Adventurous Training

2 Star cadets went to 4th Dimension Outdoor Adventure Activity Centre.

They have been canoeing, and climbing the challenging adventure multi-activity courses that the centre has to offer.

3 Star Cadre

After an early start, the 3-star cadre was on the ranges today.

Once cadets have been in and reach the higher star levels the opportunities increase. Shooting is one of the favourites of our cadets.

  • 1 star Cadet of day

    1 Star Cadet of the day

  • 1 star Cadet of day2

    1 Star Cadet of the day

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    2 Star Adventerous Traininig

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    2 Star Adventerous Traininig

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    Cadets on the Archery Section

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    Cadets on the Paintball Range

  • DSC 0184z

    Cadets after the Paintball Range

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    Cadets on the Shotgun Stand

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    Cadets on the Shotgun Stand

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    Cadets and Padre Lorraine

  • IMG 20230731 WA0012z

    Cadets enjoying Padres Palace

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