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Day One Annual Camp 2023

A recap of day one from Annual Camp 2023

Day One Annual Camp 2023

30 July 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Day One of Annual Camp

Cadets left their company designated pick-up points at 1100Hrs, arriving at Crowborough Training Camp, in East Sussex about 1430Hrs.

Once they unloaded their kit. They were given a briefing by the RSM before being processed through to their respective cadres.

Usually, our cadets are familiar with their detachment and company personalities (Cadets and Adults) but on Annual Camp they form up in cadres. The reason for this is so the cadets can train with other cadets at the same Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS) level.

For the younger ones it may be a bit daunting to have new instructors, but quickly realise they don’t bite. It’s also an opportunity for cadets to meet other cadets from across the county of Wiltshire and expand their friendship group.

For the more senior cadets who have been on annual camps before they will have met the other instructors and other cadets. They have already made friends with other cadets from previous camps or county-led courses and quickly begin to rekindle and enhance those friendships.

Once all the administrative actions have been fulfilled, we have our customary “Drumhead Service”.

“A Drumhead service is a traditional Army ecumenical service held in the field in which the Regimental drums are placed on top of each other to form an altar.

Wiltshire ACF currently has 3 Padres. Although they hold a military commissioned rank, they are all affectionately known as Padre Jo, Padre Alan, Padre Lorraine. Today they formally gave the service, but their normal role is welfare. We’ll see more of the padres throughout the week, including one of the cadet’s favourites ‘Padres Palace’

The commandant Colonel Britt Haggerty gave a welcome talk and an insight into what our cadets had to look forward to.

  • Forming up

    Forming up for the Drumhead Service

  • Maj Emery drumhead

    1 Star and Maj Emery

  • Drunhead

    Padre Jo

  • Padre Alan

    Padre Alan

  • Comdt drumhead

    Col Britt Haggerty

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Presentations and Promotions

There followed 3 presentations for Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs)

Cdt Sgt Bethany Woodman is awarded her 4 Star Completion certificate and badge. She was also promoted to Cadet Colour Sergeant (C/Sgt)

Staff Sergeant Instructor Chrissy Hinde was awarded an ACCT UK Certificate of Praiseworthy Action for his actions on a day when he witnessed and assisted the casualty of a serious motorbike crash. SSI Hinde is usually a larger than life character but is very modest in his part on this day.

Cdt CSM Matthew Yuill was promoted to Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). This is the most senior rank possible for a cadet

  • RSM Comdt

    Cdt RSM Yuill presented his Rankslide

  • Rsm cane presentation

    Cdt RSM Yuill presented his Cane

  • Hinde ACCTUK

    SSI Hinde- ACCT UK Presentation

  • Sgt woodman

    Cdt C/Sgt Woodman

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