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97 Year Old CFAV Memories

Part two

97 Year Old CFAV Memories

22 February 2023

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SSI Neil Ashley visited Mr. Bulling again on the 27th of January and found him in good form. He has graciously granted us access to more photos of his time as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer.

SSI Neil Ashley is an enthusiastic Military Historian, especially in Wiltshire and Cadet-related articles. So some of the things Mr. Bulling had told him, didn’t tally up with local historical records. Over time facts, dates, and memories can simply be forgotten or misplaced in our memory banks. As Mr. Bulling is in his 90s, this can certainly be understandable.

He confirmed various points from last time including the fact that he had intended to join the ATC but got on the wrong bus ending up at our Larkhill Detachment. He joined as an adult in 1944 after failing to get into the army due to flat feet. Amongst the latest photos are his Cadet ID Card and his Medical Card showing his classification by the Army as Grade 4.

Outstanding Service

In June 1947, he was awarded the Certificate for Outstanding Service to the Army Cadet Force by the Director of TA & Army Cadet Forces

  • Bulling Certificate with border2

    Certificate for Outstanding Services

  • Bulling Certificate 20232

    Mr Bulling Jan 2023

  • ID Card

    ID Card in 1943

  • Grade card

    Grade Card, National Service

/ 4

London Gazette

A contact much better than I at searching the London Gazette has also managed to find his commissioning date of 1947 and his resignation in 1954

  • Lt Bulling Commision Notice crop6

    London Gazette- Commission notice

  • Lt Bulling Commision Resignation crop

    London Gazette- Commission resignation

  • ID Card

    ID Card

  • Grade card

    Grade Card

/ 4

His Cadet ID Card shows the 7th Battalion which was the Salisbury Area Battalion. By 1947 he was in the 11th Battalion when he received his certificate of Commendation from the ‘Director of the Territorial Army and Army Cadet Force’ (attached). By this stage he was the CSM and about to be commissioned.

The new pictures are varied, and I detail their locations and other details below. He is still sorting through boxes of pictures and others will no doubt turn up. He has already reported that he has found a picture of him being presented with his Certificate of Commendation. Hence, I will be visiting again probably in March.

Mr Bulling is a remarkable character who informed me that he did not retire until he was 88 and may well be the Counties last be surviving WW2 Cadet.

I have already interviewed an ex-Trowbridge Cadet from the 1950's and have another 2 (brothers) to arrange a visit to, who also went on to serve as a CFAV, one as an Officer. I recognised them from pictures held at HQ and they are members of the local RBL which I am a member of.

The first interview with Mr Bulling can be found here

SGT Bulling3

Mr Bulling is a remarkable character who informed me that he did not retire until he was 88 and may well be the Counties last surviving WW2 Cadet

SSI Neil Ashley
  • Lt Bulling 1

    Piddle Hinton Camp 1944-45

  • Lt Bulling 2

    Mr Bulling taking Rifle Drill. The cadets are…

  • Lt Bulling 3

    Germany visit sitting on a Comet Tank

  • SGT Bulling BIG

    Piddle Hinton Camp whilst still a Sgt.

  • SGT Bulling CADETS

    Mr Bulling posing with some cadets at Piddle…

  • CSM

    Mr Bulling after promotion to CSM

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