National JCIC 4-21 March 2021

To support our wider Army Cadets UK family, who may not have had the opportunity to take part in one, the Battalion have kindly offered to run a National JCIC for three weekends, for up to 80 cadets from across the UK, during the between 4-21 March 2021

National JCIC 4-21 March 2021

6 March 2021


  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

The Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre (JCIC) is an integral part of 3-Star training and all cadets at this level take the course. It is designed to teach the cadet how to instruct new entrants and 1-Star cadets in drill, turnout and military knowledge; map and compass; skill-at-arms and fieldcraft.

The course, which will be mixture of virtual and blended learning will be delivered by members of the Battalion, with 20 CFAVs from the participating Army Cadet Counties to support delivery.

Course Outline

Following an initial 'Meet the Staff' session on the evening of Thursday 4 March, for cadets to meet the course staff and ask any questions, the course will be split over three weekends: 6-7, 13-14 and 20-21 March.

Weekend 1 will consist the delivery of Demonstration Teaching Practices delivered by the staff, covering Drill & Turnout, Navigation, Fieldcraft and additional Demo lessons - for educational purposes - on First Aid, Physical and Military Knowledge. Following weekend 1 the cadets will be split into 8-person syndicates for the deliver of their TP's.

Weekends 2 and 3
will be the assessment weekends where the cadets will deliver their TP's to the cadets in their syndicate and staff. Cadets will deliver at least two lessons, but no more than three, covering: Drill, Navigation and Fieldcraft.

Throughout the three weekends there will also be a series of guest speakers and leadership presentations, from high profile members of the Army Cadets, names to be announced later.

Additional Information

The course will be delivered via the Zoom platform, Students are to ensure they have good Internet access and video capability, preferably Computer Work Station, Laptop or Ipad.

Prior to the course starting Students are to cover a revision of the Cadet Force Instructions Technique lessons 1-6 in their own time prior, a CFIT Lesson 1-6 revision lesson video can be watched by clicking here.

It is recommended that all students liaise with their detachment staff if they require any additional training aids to help the delivery of their Teaching Practices: Flip Charts, marker pens, Compasses, Cam Cream, Mine Tape, Pegs etc.

Eligibility Criteria & How to Apply

The course is open to ALL Cadets who are post 2 Star APC.

Cadets are to apply for the course through their Detachment Staff via their respective counties to be booked onto the course, bookings are to uploaded through Westminster (Course Code 21/772939) indicating priority 1, 2, 3 in the notes.

Course applications close 1 March 2021, however, it may close earlier if their is a high level of applications.


Students delivering lessons virtually will have to use their imagination on the delivery of their Teaching Practices and will benefit from the debrief points from the assessors, both on their lessons and their peers. The assessors are looking at are:

  • Structure
  • Production of lesson plans
  • Ability to plan, prepare & deliver TP’s
  • Subject Matter Knowledge
  • Use of Intuitive Training Aids
  • Confidence
  • Question technique
  • Class participation
  • Consolidation

Additional Support from Counties

Counties who have cadets enrolled onto the course are requested to provide CFAVs to support in the delivery of the course.

Interested CFAVs are to;

  • Have permission from their Chain of Command
  • Have a method of instruction qualification or suitable experience
  • Be competent in the delivery of JCIC
  • In date with safeguarding and red book test on Westminster

CFAVs should contact CTC Courses Clerk to be considered, up to 6 VA days are available.

For more information please contact Lt Col Kevin Reid, Deputy Commandant (Cadets) 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF via