Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park

CTC Frimley Park is the home of the cadet movement

The national Cadet Training Centre (CTC) Frimley Park in Surrey trains adult volunteers in the Army Cadet Force and the schools-based Combined Cadet Force (Army), helping new recruits understand the cadet movement's ethos and teaching them to train their cadets effectively and safely.

At CTC Frimley Park we run a course for senior cadets - the Master Cadet Course - and host the annual Champion Cadet Competition to find the best Army Cadet in the UK.

Dates for courses, meetings and conferences up to the end of March 2016 can be found on our downloadable training programme for 2015/2016  In addition, dates for 2016/17 can be found on our downloadable training programme for 2016/17 (available soon). 

CTC Frimley Park's aim is to act as the national centre of excellence for the cadet movement and thus be a source of inspiration and information.  Our motto is Renovate Animos (Refresh the Spirit).

The staff at CTC are committed to ensuring that 'Frimley Park' continues to carry out its task as a national centre of excellence successfully; indeed this pivotal role in support of the cadet movement, one of the leading youth organisations in the country, is important to all of us.  Students and visitors have told us that we have created a unique and stimulating enviroment, which increases their knowledge, provides inspiration and re-charges their spirit of service and dedication.

Each course is attended by experienced members of the cadet forces, who are here to act as Assistant Directing Staff and provide advice and assistance to students.  All are selected for this important role because they have done well on a course here themselves.

More than 100,000 adult and cadet students have passed through our doors since CTC was established in 1959.