Meet Volunteers & Cadets

The Army Cadet Force is a community-based organisation and its members - both adult and cadet - tend to represent the community in which it resides. We have 1,700 detachments the length and breadth of the UK - in inner cities and rural locations, villages and suburbs - and we draw our members from the local area around each detachment.

If your child is interested in joining and you want to meet the people running your local detachment first, just contact the local ACF county HQ and they will be able to help.

ACF adult volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and have all sorts of skills and experience. Some are parents of cadets; others were cadets themselves who wanted to give something back; some used to be members of the Armed Forces who wanted to pass on their skills and experience to the next generation; others are just people who wanted to try something new while supporting the local community.

Cadets also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have joined for an enormous range of reasons. Many join because they have friends or family who were already involved and they decided to come along too after hearing about all their adventures. Others join because of the huge variety of activites available. And some join because they are thinking about joining the Armed Forces after their studies and want to give themselves a head start.

Whatever your child's reason for wanting to join, you can be confident he or she will have fun and make lots of new friends - and the training will be run by committed volunteers who want to bring out the best in their cadets.