Army Cadets Healthy Minds

“There is no health without Mental Health”

The Army Cadets recognises that mental health is everyone’s business. The Healthy Minds project has been developed to break down barriers, reduce stigma and promote mental health awareness within the Army Cadets.

The Army Cadets does not discriminate against people with physical or mental health conditions. We are an inclusive organisation, that will do its best to work with you and your child to allow them to achieve the full cadet experience. We focus on building a Healthy Mind using our Cadet Syllabus to build confidence and resilience whilst allowing them develop as young people.

It is important to stress our Cadet Force Volunteers are not trained mental health professionals but we are here to support our cadets during their Cadet Force journey. If we recognise a person in distress, we will encourage, with your co-operation professional support, such as reaching out to appropriate civilian organisations, such as the ones listed below.

Materials available

This leaflet should be made available in all detachment huts and weekend training centres.