20 August 2020

  • National

Congratulations to CTT Scotland who is powering his way through the ACF August 300 mile Cycle Challenge.

If you missed the Hands Across the Commonwealth concert on Saturday, that featured the awesome Regimental Band Blackwatch ACF, you can still catch it on YouTube. The team were joined by the Australian Army Cadet Band, 344 Musicians Flight Australian Air Force Cadets and the British Columbia Honour Cadet Band. Such a talented group of musicians!

Congratulations to the Cadets at Merseyside ACF who all passed the JCIC by completing the final stages virtually.

Fresh back from a couple of weeks off, the team at Dumfries Detachment were keen to get back into the swing of things with a virtual quiz on badges of rank. Great idea!

Now here’s something a little different, but we love it. Shropshire ACF have been introducing some interesting new topics to their virtual sessions. This week it was advanced driving for learners!

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