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Cyber Security Awareness Video

October marks Cyber Security Awareness month, highlighting the importance of cyber security.

Cyber Security Awareness Video

17 October 2022

  • National

Cyber security can often be difficult to understand and as a result, we may not know how to fully protect ourselves if we are unsure about the guidance that is out there.

It is crucial that everyone, no matter their role or seniority takes cyber accountability. As the cyber domain grows and we become more reliant on the internet and technology, the threat to our cyber safety is evolving and changing, making us more likely to become victim of a cyber-attack.

The Army Cadets are championing being cyber smart and have teamed up with Army Cyber and CDS Defence and Security to release our new Cyber Security Awareness video.

Join our National Ambassador Jordan Wylie and Brigadier Neville Holmes MBE in the role of chasers as we test our Cadets online security.