Cadet Skills & Qualifications

Get the skills, qualifications and personal qualities you need to get on in life

The skills you learn as a cadet can help you stand out from the competition, whether you are applying for college or university, or looking for your first job.

If you've ever wanted to do the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, that's something we can help you with, and your cadet activities can count towards respected qualifications like BTEC Diplomas, which are equivalent to GCSEs.

We also offer some opportunities to explore possible careers and to take part in 'employability' training to help you succeed in interviews.

  • Your Record of Achievement

    As a cadet you’ll have loads of opportunities to develop the kinds of skills, qualifications and personal qualities that can help you go further in life – whether that’s going to college or university or getting a job.

    However, it can be difficult to explain to a university or college admissions tutor, or to an employer, what…

  • Careers Advice

    As a cadet you’ll be busy getting many of the skills, personal qualities and qualifications that employers value and that will help you go further in life.

    According to a recent survey 67% of UK business leaders say young employees lack the skills they’re looking for such as time management and teamwork – good reason to stay on…

  • Qualifications

    Through your cadet activities you will gain loads of valuable skills, experience, leadership qualities and more self-confidence. In addition, you can gain a whole range of qualifications such as the ACF Star Awards or a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

    Vocational qualifications such as BTEC Certificates and Diplomas as well as…

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