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24 Fun-Packed Summer Holiday Activities

24 Fun-Packed Summer Holiday Activities

27 July 2022

Ah, the school holidays and the six-week summer: a blissful expanse of time for young people to do anything they feel like. Exploring, adventuring, laughing with friends, learning new skills, picking up new hobbies – it’s all right there for the taking. Sometimes, however, with so much on offer, it can be a little overwhelming for kids. If your young ones are struggling to think of some excellent summer holiday activities, allow us to help out (it’s pretty much our area of expertise, you know!).

Whether you’re seeking something high-octane to undertake in the summer months, or you’d prefer a more relaxed pastime, our extensive list of summer activities has everything you need for an unforgettable summer. We’ve packed a ton of fun things to do in here, so you’re sure to find something perfect!

24 fun summer holiday activities

1. Join the Army Cadets

The Army Cadets is the perfect summer activity. From fieldcrafts such as camouflage to kayaking, hiking, orienteering and even skiing, life with the Army Cadets is one adventure after another. Plus, your child will have plenty of opportunity to build lifelong new friendships!

2. Den building

Ah, is there anything better than spending a long day as a child building a den with friends? Whether it’s a pillow fort in the bedroom, a blanket den in the garden, or a bona fide treehouse, den building is a beautiful, fun part of any childhood summer.

3. Geocaching

Geocaching has been around for a while now, but if you’re not heard of it, it’s a simple enough concept: you download the app and you get directions to find a hidden ‘geocache’ out somewhere in nature. The geocache will contain a logbook you can sign, as well as little trinkets or gifts left by previous travellers. You can then take one thing from the cache and replace it with something of equal value for the next traveller.

4. Treasure hunt

If geocaching’s not your thing, you can easily set up your own treasure hunt! Simply place some hidden ‘treasure’ somewhere around the house or garden and create clues leading to it. You can even make your own treasure map if you feel like going to extra mile.

5. Set up a board games tournament

Board games are a great way to get your kids laughing and playing competitively, while also helping to engage their brains and avoid those pesky ubiquitous phone screens. Perfect for a rainy day.

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6. Camp in the garden

If they’re not quite old enough to camp out in the wild yet, why not help your child to camp in the garden with their friends? It’s perfectly safe and practical, yet to a child it still feels like an exciting adventure. For maximum fun, equip them with torches: shadow puppets on the wall of the tent never gets old.

7. Create a mini festival

High effort? Yes, probably. High reward? Definitely! If you want to give your children a fun day they’ll remember well into adulthood, spend some time putting together a mini festival in your house or garden. Think food, music, face painting, hair-braiding, dancing – whatever they love the most!

8. Rock hunting

Rocks aren’t generally the most elusive or wily of prey, so hunting them is suitable for all ages. Whether you’re rock hunting around your garden or somewhere out in nature, it’s a great chance for your child to find some super cool rocks while learning about the world around them – and potentially discovering a new hobby!

9. Fruit picking

There’s something incredibly tranquil and idyllic about a long summer day spent fruit picking. You can either take your child to a designated farm to fruit pick, or you can try your hand out in the wild with blackberry bushes. Just be sure to only pick the higher berries and avoid the ones at dog-level!

10. Rockpooling

Remember how fascinating rockpools were when you were a kid? They’re teeming with life, and a fantastic, educational day can be spent with a bucket and a net, sifting through rockpools for mysterious and fascinating marine life.

11. Picnic

Stock up on healthy(ish!) snacks, and head out somewhere beautiful for a picnic! It might be the local park, it might be a sweeping national park – wherever you go, you’re bound to make happy memories for your child.

12. The zoo (or aquarium!)

Zoos and aquariums can be exciting, fascinating and educational places for children. Who wouldn’t be amazed to see an octopus change colour to match its surroundings, or to hear a lion roar?

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13. Visit a castle

The British Isles are teeming with beautiful and incredibly well-preserved castles. If your child is the sort to enjoy make-believe sword fights and adventure stories, a visit to a castle can really set their imagination on fire. For maximum fun, buy them a toy sword and shield to run around with, vanquishing imaginary enemies!

14. Go camping in nature

While you unfortunately can’t legally camp just anywhere in England, Ireland or Wales, you can wild camp in Scotland. Regardless, you can find excellent campsites practically everywhere, from the Scottish Highlands to the Forest of Dean and beyond.

15. Visit a museum

Britain is positively bursting with museums. Whether it’s railway museums, grisly offerings like the York Dungeons, educational museums like the Natural History Museum, or interactive spots like the Science Museum in London, a visit to a museum is a fun, fulfilling, and often very affordable (or even free) day out.

16. Visit a theme park

The UK has more theme parks that you can shake a stick at. From Alton Towers to Legoland, there are theme parks up and down the country, and if your youngsters like their free time adrenaline-fueled they’ll love a day trip.

17. Head to the beach

If the temperature hits 18 degrees or over in the UK, it’s time to flock to the beach. Your children can spend a joyful day making sandcastles, playing in the sea, playing frisbee, and exploring rockpools – and what’s more, all of these activities cost nothing!

18. Head out on a hike

Ah, fresh mountain air! Is there anything better? Get your kids’ sense of adventuring flared up by heading out on a hike at one of the UK’s many beautiful national parks. As well as being an affordable and memorable day out, you may well instil your child with a lifelong love of exercise and nature.

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19. Visit a National Trust property

From stately homes to the abodes of influential writers, artists and poets, the UK is chock-full of National Trust properties. While some of them might be a little dry for very young children, for culturally curious teenagers they can make for a great day out.

20. Go to a festival

It doesn’t necessarily need to be Glastonbury (although if it is – good going!). Instead, you could take your child to one of the many hundreds of festivals that pop up across the nation each summer, from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the Bath Literature Festival, or even London Comic Con!

21. Encourage them to play a sport

Team sports are perfect for meeting new friends, and the sky is the limit when it comes to sporting summer activities for kids. Football, tennis, rugby, cricket, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, athletics – there are so many sports they can partake in. Then there are the more solo sports: skateboarding, rollerblading, scootering, dance, judo, and so much more.

22. Kite flying

There’s something calming and timeless about kite flying. Help your youngsters to unwind with a leisurely day spent kite flying in the park. Bring plenty of snacks for picnicking after!

23. Bike ride

Exploring the countryside by bicycle is idyllic and always memorable. Take your young ones out on their bicycles and pedal around wherever the wind takes you! Just make sure to wear a helmet – especially if you’re cycling on roads.

24. Spot constellations

There’s something endlessly fascinating about the night sky. Share this fascination with your child by taking them away from any city night pollution one evening to discover the beauty of the stars and their constellations. You can even teach them how to find the North Star while you’re at it!