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National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

28 January 2024

Celebrated annually, this years’ National Apprenticeship Week falls on 5th February to 11th February, where the County comes together to celebrate apprenticeships in support of the government-run campaign.

National Apprenticeship Week is designed to bring together schools, colleges, employers, career advisers and of course, thousands of students to showcase what an Apprenticeship is, their benefits, and the different options available.

This year, we want to highlight the benefit we give to our young people who may be looking at apprenticeships as part of their career options, which may or may not be the stage of life you are at now.

Is an apprenticeship for you?

Sometimes, it may feel that the only route is strictly academic, and whilst this is a good option, we should not take away the power of ‘learn & earn’, picking up valuable skills whilst achieving recognised qualifications that could set you up for life. If going to university isn’t appealing to you, then an apprenticeship could be a great alternative.

Apprenticeships are a brilliant route into employment; whether its’ the IT sector, skill sectors’ such as plumbing and becoming an electrician, or whether you are interested in business, healthcare, law, marketing, or the armed forces. Apprenticeships have excelled in the last two decades, and you may find it to be your preferred route into your dream career.

The chances are your school offers careers advice, and the National Apprenticeship Week website will provide further information and opportunity to speak to someone who can help. You never know, our Adult Volunteers may know a thing or two about apprenticeships too.

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How does the Army Cadets help you to be an ideal apprenticeship candidate?

Due to the different activities and opportunities, we provide here at the Army Cadets, we develop key life skills that will make you even more attractive when it comes to looking applying for an apprenticeship.

  • Leadership & Teamwork. We develop the ability for our cadets to take lead when they need to, problem solve and make difficult decisions, whilst understanding the value and importance of teamwork, and when it’s more beneficial than doing things on your own.
  • Willingness to Learn. As an apprentice, you may not have a wide range of skills and/or experience. However, you will be expected to have the attitude to want to learn – something we home in on from the minute you join.
  • Effective Communication. Being a part of the Army Cadets will enable you to develop sound communication skills, as you will be working with people of all abilities, and from all kinds of backgrounds. It is important that you know how to communicate and work with anyone.
  • Motivation. Going from school to a career is a massive step-up and will be a change of expectations. Being an Army Cadet sets you up by enhancing your motivation skills – whether it’s getting up early, working long hours, or motivating yourself when things don’t go exactly how you want them to.
  • Confidence. We put you through tasks that may test yourself and test your limits but will hopefully make you realise you can achieve more than you expect. This will give you the confidence that the sky really is the limit.
  • Resilience. Things don’t always go the way you want them to in the workplace, and that is sometimes the same here at the Army Cadets. That’s why we enable you to learn how to be resilient and understanding of this, a key attribute in all modern- day workplace.

It’s not just about the skills. With us, you have access to gaining industry recognised qualifications that makes you that bit more employable, whilst we introduce you to a hierarchical environment, understanding how the ‘chain of command’ works.

Find out more about Apprenticeships from the Government website. Otherwise, head to our ‘Why Join’ page, or if you’re ready to join, head to ‘Join Now’ to find your nearest Detachment.