Command Tasks

Command Tasks

8 January 2015

Here you will find inspiration, instructions and feedback on tried-and-tested command tasks.

What is a command task?
A group problem solving exercise.

Why do them?
Develop and/or assess teamwork and leadership, communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Planning Stage
1. Determine the purpose
(development or assessment; teamwork (leaderless) or leadership (nominated leader)) and type of group (basics or seniors, number involved, abilities, etc).

2. Work out what the command task problem is going to be (eg “get the burden and the team from A to B over the obstacle”).

3. Identify the kit needed.

4. Work out and write down the rules in detail and carry out risk assessment.

5. Trial the idea – as many times as needed until you are happy.

Implementation Stage

6. Source and set out the kit.

7. Brief the group (leaderless) or leader (include safety points).

8. Control the task: start, finish, rules, safety.

9. Monitor the task for safety, the value of the task and feedback points.

Follow-up Stage

10. Give feedback (your own views and constructive feedback - good points and room for improvement).

11. Assess the value of the task.

12. Put away/ return kit.

13. Amend task instructions if required

If you would like to submit a command task to be featured on this page or in Army Cadet magazine, please email [email protected]