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Cadets Show How to Take a Great Selfie!

Cadets Show How to Take a Great Selfie!

15 October 2018

If you’re looking to take photos that will impress, there are many ways you can create the perfect selfie. Whether it’s certain angles or a cool backdrop, there are plenty of techniques and tips on how to take a great selfie. Check out our ultimate selfie guide and see how well our cadets did when they took part in the ‘Best Cadet Selfie Competition.’


Lighting is key. Natural light is the best. Avoid rooms without windows – let the sun shine in! Artificial lights can be flattering, but certain types of bulbs can bring out different tones in our skin that aren’t flattering. Take a photo in every room in the house and decide for yourself which one shows you in the best light (pun intended!).

Outside, two teenagers wearing yellow vests are taking a selfie


Chin down, camera up. Never take a selfie from underneath the chin, as it’s very rarely flattering. According to Dr Anukka Lindel from Melbourne’s La Trobe University, 41% of people prefer their left side, 31.5% prefer their right, with the remaining 19.5% going smack bang in the middle. Just experiment and see what you prefer!

In a room, an Adult Volunteer and a group of teenagers wearing the ACF uniform take a selfie

Don’t Over-Edit

No one wants to see a photo that has been over-edited. Filters are great and can really help a photo to stand out, but avoid changing any of your features. Most celebrities and influencers make changes to their face and bodies online, and it’s often extremely obvious. Don’t feel like you need to change anything; you’re great just the way you are.

Two young men and a mountain covered in snow in the background

Be Natural

Natural selfies are the best, especially when you’re somewhere amazing. Relax and let the backdrop be the main attraction, and don’t forget to smile! A smile will always brighten up a photo, so be natural and ensure it’s not overly posed. Not only is this a great way of documenting memories, you can show other people what you have been doing too.

A group of teenagers in ACF uniform taking a selfie outside

We challenged cadets from all our detachments to a ‘selfie competition’ while they were out and about on various excursions and adventurous activities. Check them out below for some selfie inspiration:

A teenager wearing ACF uniform holds a Poppy Scotland flag, box, and donation box outside in a city
A group of teenagers in ACF uniforms taking a selfie in a field
5 teenagers in ACF uniforms sitting, and an Adult Volunteer standing, posing for a selfie

We have around 39,000 cadets in over 1,600 detachments around the UK. If you like what you see and want to get involved, find your nearest detachment and sign up now! If you’d like to be part of something that’s fun and adventurous, somewhere you can learn countless skills, make lots of new friends and master the perfect selfie, the Army Cadet Force is for you.

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