Best Board Games of all Time

We highlight the best board games of all time and outline some new board games released in 2020 that you might want to try

Best Board Games of all Time

2 September 2020

With the pandemic keeping us all at home more, you have probably whipped out all your favourite board games in the past few months. Historians say board games started in ancient Egypt in 3300BC, and they’ve been a huge part of household culture ever since.

From the classics to the cutting-edge (arguably, they’re all cutting-edge), board games are a ritual in some households, especially around Christmas time. Below, we highlight the best board games of all time and outline some new board games released in 2020 that you might want to try.

The best board games ever

Board games have evolved over the past few decades, but the classics are still as popular as ever. These famous names are said to be the best board games of all time.


Monopoly was created in 1933 and has been a timeless classic ever since. It’s a multi-player game where individuals move around the board, buying and trading properties that can be developed into houses or hotels. The aim is to become the wealthiest player and drive your opponents to bankruptcy. The original Monopoly is based in London, with locations like Euston Road and The Angel, but there have been numerous versions released since.

The Army Cadets are releasing a limited edition Monopoly set, but more on that later.


Scrabble is one for those who love words. It’s a simple game where players score points by placing letters on the board to spell out words. Each letter has a score value on the tile and so when a word is formed, the letter values are added up. There are also various tiles that hold double or triple points and these will also be added to the sum. The player with the most points wins.


Grab your magnifying glass and cloak and become immersed in the role of detective. A murder has been committed and it’s your job to find out who did it, what room it happened in and the weapon used. The winner is the player who can figure these three things out correctly through the process of elimination and bluffing skills.

Guess Who?

This is a great one for children and will entertain them for a while. Guess Who is a two-player game where each contestant has a range of characters in front of them and must guess the character of the other contestant. They must do this by asking questions on gender and appearance and the winner is the first player to correctly guess their opponent’s character.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is another very simple board game that children love. Players must roll a dice and make their way across the board, starting at number 1. If a player lands on a snake, they must follow the snake back down the board to a lower number. But, landing on a ladder will take them higher up the board. The winner is the first player to reach the finish line.

The Game of Life

Created in 1860, the Game of Life creates a person’s journey through life, including aspects like college, career, retirement, marriage and family. Each player is given £10,000 by the bank at the beginning of their ‘life’, and the aim of the game is to finish as the wealthiest player.

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule is a game of quick thinking. The game sees players picking out cards asking them to state three things. It could be breeds of dog beginning with D, things that make you smile or names beginning with K. But with only five seconds, it’s harder than it seems… Players move around the board and the first to reach the finish line is the winner.

New board games 2020

As well as the previous best-selling board games of all time, each year the gaming world brings out exciting new games for us to try. This year has been no exception, and the demand has risen even more due to the nationwide lockdown. The following board games are all new for 2020 and are available to order or pre-order now.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 3

Rather fitting, Pandemic Legacy is a game built on teamwork and cooperation as you and your fellow players try to cure a global pandemic. Each player is a different character and has a special “move” that they can use to build research centres and ultimately stop the spread of the virus.

Monopoly: The Army Cadets Limited Edition

Game of Monopoly branded with the ACF

There have been various Limited Edition Monopoly sets released throughout the years. From Stranger Things to Pokémon, there’s something for everyone. One of the latest editions is the Army Cadets Monopoly Set.

The Army Cadet Force edition provides a challenging journey through camp locations where players build lecture rooms and training blocks. The player with the most is crowned the winner. The Army Cadets Monopoly Set is available for pre-order now with despatches starting in September.

I Dissent

Cast your opinion and win votes to rule the court. Every round sees players agreeing or disagreeing with one another on certain topics to gain the most votes. I Dissent lets players practice their tactical game-playing as well as their debating skills. Will you agree, disagree or bluff?