One of the main reasons why youngsters join Somerset Army Cadets

Fieldcraft is one of the most popular cadet activities in Army Cadets and often cited as one of two main reasons youngsters want to join Cadets, the other being shooting. Fieldcraft is a subject that is almost unknown outside Army Cadets and the Army. You will start by learning the basics of personal camouflage, how to move as an individual in the field, how to live and survive in the field before going on to learn how to work together as a section in the field, eventually commanding your own section.

Fieldcraft is taught throughout the year, but during annual camp you will get to live out in the field over a number of days. Working as a team to patrol an area at night and deal with a mock ambush is one of the most exciting exercises that you'll experience during your cadet training.

Teamwork and communication are both skills developed in fieldcraft exercises that are readily transferable to everyday life, or to the regular forces if you are looking further ahead in your career.

You may also be able to take your skills even further by competing for a place on Somerset’s Rifles National Cadet Competition team, our Cadet Cambrian Patrol team or entering HQSW CTT’s Cadet Leadership Course or CTC Frimley Park’s Champion or Master Cadet courses.

Over the following pages you can learn what you need to take with you on fieldcraft training and what all the strange sounding acronyms that you will be presented with actually mean, learn a little more about the realities of training, surviving and fighting in the field actually mean - the rationale behind the lists - and find out what others list as their single most important items of non-issue kit that make life easier during fieldcraft exercises.