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Master Cadet Sucess

Mold cadet suceeds at Frimley Park

Master Cadet Sucess

11 August 2023

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Cadet CSM Lewis Smith Successfully Completes Master Cadet Course at CTC Frimley Park Cadet CSM Lewis Smith, from the Mold/Buckley detachment, has recently accomplished a remarkable feat in his cadet journey. Over the past week, he participated in the highly esteemed Master Cadet course at CTC Frimley Park, marking a significant milestone in his cadet career. The Master Cadet course stands as the pinnacle of achievement for cadets, representing the culmination of their efforts throughout their cadet tenure. Lewis undertook a series of rigorous challenges, both physically and mentally demanding including a grueling 4-day exercise involving complex fieldcraft patrolling and strenuous stands, and the course was a true test of his skills and determination. Despite the formidable challenges, Lewis reflects on the experience with immense satisfaction. He describes it as the most rewarding course of his cadet journey, asserting that every moment, from his arrival to his departure, was enjoyable. With great pride, Lewis announces his successful completion of the Master Cadet course, an achievement that sets a remarkable foundation for his future. Looking ahead, Lewis eagerly anticipates the opportunity to share the wisdom gained from this experience with younger cadets. His goal is to guide and inspire them, nurturing the growth of exceptional future senior cadets. With this accomplishment under his belt, Lewis Smith stands as a shining example of dedication, resilience, and achievement within the cadet community. Well done Lewis.

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Lewis Smith Master Cadet