A Coy Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior - A Company February 12th - 13th 2022

A weekend full of learning new skills

Weekend Warrior - A Company February 12th - 13th 2022

14 February 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

A Company Cadets spent the weekend focusing on Field Craft and Skill at Arms lessons in preparation for their Field Craft exercise in May!

The Cadets where split into their training levels.

The Training one star Cadets, of which the majority had not yet experienced field craft lessons or live exercises were introduced to the tactical side of field craft and were put through their paces to pick up key knowledge and skills they will need for the exercise in May.

The Training Two & Three Stars took their Field Craft to the next level, focusing on much more technical elements to Field Craft, which included leadership in the field and how to be an effective section commander & 2nd in command.

The more senior Cadets enjoyed time to focus on model making in order to effectively give orders to their section, whilst also looking at technical field craft maneuver's.

Despite the cold weather, the cadets never stopped smiling, and it was fantastic to see the different friendships formed. It was a huge success and it was all to the hard work of all the adult volunteers, from planning to the execution of the weekend.

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