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Visit to Edinburgh Castle

Cadets from all over Scotland were invited to Edinburgh Castle

Visit to Edinburgh Castle

6 July 2023

  • Black Watch Battalion ACF

Cadets from the Battalion were invited to Edinburgh Castle initially to engage with the Regular Army and the Army Reserve to see the variety jobs available to them. Prior to this the Cadets from the various Cadet battalions in Scotland had lunch in the Officers Mess is the Castle, and were met by Major General Sir Alastair Bruce, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, who spoke to the cadets about living in the Castle.

After lunch, the Cadets visited various military stands and a personal tour of the Castle by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Clark. After the stands it was time for the main event a 21 Gun Salute for the arrival of HM the King, the Cadets were allocated front row seats for the occasion, the Reviewing for the Salute was Colonel Alec McNamee. Colonel Cadets, The Cadets had an amazing experience for the entire day.

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    Lt Col Hugo Clark briefing the Cadets about the…

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    Band of the Royal Marines

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    Intelligence Corps stand

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    Front row for the Gun Salute

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    Col McNamee the Reviewing Officer

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    Visitors Book Officers Mess

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    Learning about the Castles defences

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    Cadet Cpl Pratt Rosyth Detachment

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    Cadets with Lt Col Hugo Clark HQ 51X

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