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Ulysses Trust presentation evening Event

12th October - Fishmongers' Hall

Ulysses Trust presentation evening Event

15 October 2023

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF

While it is fresh in my mind, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the following:

  • SMI Connell
  • Staff Cdt-Sgt Williams
  • Cpl Sahin
  • Cpl Amiche
  • LCpl Somefun
  • LCpl Mouzakis
  • Cdt Swan

Last night was truly a spectacular event. I have had the privilege to witness the development of these young people throughout the year. I have seen firsthand the impact that the generous donations given by Ulysses Trust have in ensuring they get to experience a life of adventure and that does also include Mr Connell…Lol!

All those who attended last night, attended South Africa and a few also attended the AT Camp, so benefited twice from the Ulysses Trust support. As SMI Connell and I attended both Exped’s, we are equally blessed to see their growth throughout.

In my selecting the cadets to do the presentation, I went with those who I knew would show up, be professional, be able to confidently present and then go on to speak with several of the guests.

They did just that and I was so very proud of their conduct and bearing throughout the evening.

(I should point out that young LCpl Mouzakis, just 14yrs of age. When I first met him in Feb at our team selection event hardly spoke. During the prep phase before travel, he hardly
spoke. So, to see him confidently stand up on stage last night and so fluently articulate his personal experience and that of the group was nothing but amazing)

​​​​​Events such as last nights was an opportunity for our many sponsors from both the Ulysses Trust and a variety of industries to see and hear firsthand the positive impact these expeditions have had on them.

It is a joy to see our young people flourish, taking up the challenges that make them better and to cease all opportunities given to them, so they may decide what direction their lives go in.

It was an honour to lead the South Africa Expedition and indeed work alongside those who attended the AT Camp. The above-named cadets have shown just how adaptable they are and have the unwavering ability to rise to the occasion.

I am super proud of each one of them and they should be commended on their personal success and being exemplar ambassadors for their companies, the sector and the wider ACF.

In time the cadets will no doubt wish to attend a promotions cadre. Rightly so they should follow the process to achieve their next promotion. However, I would like to offer my recommendations for future promotions as they truly lead by example and uphold with complete admiration the Values and Standards we expect from our cadets.

A comment received from Lord Cadogan- “Impressive, they spoke better than some of my soldiers”

Thank you to you all for continuing to ensure our young people excel beyond what they believe is possible.

Lt Col D Konstantinious

Deputy Commandant GLSESACF