Thought of the 'day' as we prepare to go to Annual Camp…

Capt Lisa Vines, Adjutant Essex ACF shares some thoughts on Leadership as we prepare for Annual Camp 2021

Thought of the 'day' as we prepare to go to Annual Camp 2021 - What is Leadership?

1 July 2021

  • Essex ACF
As instructors, we have the privilege of developing and leading our cadets; some of us also have the additional privilege of leading other adult volunteers. There are many styles of leadership, some more effective or positive than others; and we all have the potential to lead. General Slim encompassed this when he said "You all have leadership ability in you. Develop it by thought, by training, and by practice. Leadership is the most immensely personal thing in the world, because it is just plain you".

As previously stated, there are many leadership styles, however in developing our abilities as leaders, we need to be aware of diversity of thought as much as diversity of style. Our 'job' as Leaders or Officers within this amazing organisation is to help develop those within our sphere of influence, to support them, and to help them become the best versions of themselves - cadets and volunteers alike.

So, let's all work together, enjoy the camaraderie of training together, spending time with friends and colleagues, and I hope that you all enjoy Annual Camp 2021.